Creating Donor-centered, Relationship-driven Philanthropy

Amid all the changes in health care, one aspect remains constant: to keep your needs—and the needs of all donors—at the center of the Mercyhealth Development Foundation’s work. Relationship building is essential, and I strive to always look ahead to create and sustain trusted, donor-centered philanthropy.

There are a few key factors that contribute to a donor-centered approach.

One is identity. As our organization changed through consolidation, mergers and systemization, philanthropy in large part, remains local. My job is to demonstrate the advantages of being part of a larger system while retaining and reinforcing the special programs and services at each of our unique locations. In this respect, transparency is essential.

A second critical factor is my ability to listen. It is far more important to listen carefully for what motivates you, our donors. Almost always, I can find ways to match your passion with the priorities of Mercyhealth.

Third, I want to personalize your experience. I want to provide ample opportunity for you to feel good about your giving and be able to demonstrate the impact your generosity creates.

You are all special, compassionate, and kind people who make my job rewarding. I want to continue to keep you at the center of my work!





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